Kurt's big dick/Blaine's fluffy ass otp
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Klaine (Glee)
Brian/Justin (Queer As Folk)
LuRe (As The World Turns)
Wilson (Days Of Our Lives)
Style (South Park)
Blam (Glee)
Andercest (Glee)
Nagron (Spartacus)
Ian/Mickey (Shameless)
Daya/Bennett (OITNB)
This is a Chill/Will Sherrod friendly blog

I love Kurt Hummel with my whole heart.

Blaine Anderson is a sweetie and if you don't like him we probably won't get along ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do not multiship Kurt or Blaine in canon. I do sometimes enjoy fic or fanart of them with other Glee boys, but I don't want to watch them with anyone else on the show.

I hate Glee about 80% of the time, but I'll continue watching so long as Kurt and Blaine are on it.

This is not a Kurtofsky, Seblaine, Kurtbastian, Hummelberry, or Rachel Berry friendly blog.
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sexyglances replied to your post: where is couldbe i don’t like when she’s gone all…

headache :((((

oh no :(( if you talk to her soon tell her i hope she feels better and i’m sending hugs!!

sexyglances replied to your post: there were plenty of people who were pissed off…

lol NO FUCKING KIDDING. i remember reading posts about his terrible betrayal of thier relationship. lol whatever

it’s just so dumb when people act like “oh nobody on my side ever blows things out of proportion!!” like, there are kurt stans who are dumb about blaine things. they are blaine stans who are dumb about kurt things. nobody is acting like blaine is the antichrist, even if they don’t like the idea of him having a crush on someone. for the most part people seem to just not be into the idea because he’s most likely going to be crushing on a straight guy which is shitty for him. but it’s just like one group of shippers acting like nobody in their sub-fandom ever shows their ass. 


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sexyglances replied to your post: queenlesliemin replied to your post: I’m so glad…

lol i asked couldbe to change it to make my life easier. :3 i’m going to do it as soon as i actually get to use internet on my computer again. & as long as i’m bragging for no reason, i also asked the fab waltzy to add who it was reblogged from, too.

woo, yay maria! :) i’m glad you’re going to use it too, since i can never see your blog in mobile view anyway. i’m trying to change mine over right now but it’s not letting me put ‘iphone-theme’ in where the page url is for some reason :/ wahh how do you computer?

eta: nevermind, i figured it out!!

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i love maria spewing her glee rage all over my dash